Doprovodné přednášky k Parrově výstavě

Monday 18. 4. 2011 at 6pm


Renowned British photo historian Gerry Badger, a coauthor of The Photobook: A History, Volumes I and II, will talk about post-war photobooks in Europe, which includes Martin Parr, and also Czech books. The lecture argues that the best subject for European photography, and photobooks, since the war, has been the making of the ‚New Europe.‘ He will also talk briefly about preparation of The Photobook: A History, Volume III.
The lecture will be held in English.


Thursday 21. 4. 2011 at 6pm

ROBERT SILVERIO: Martin Parr in the context of traditional life photography

Documentary photography has rapidly changed during the past 30 years. The traditional canons were modified and so-called humanistic document vanished. Colour photography with traces of irony, sarcasm and subjectivity became a new paradigm. Martin Parr belongs to those who took part in this radical change. Robert Silverio is photographic theoretician and photographer. He currently holds the chair of photography at the Prague FAMU. He has published reviews and articles about photography in the daily press and specialist journals, author of several publications.
The lecture will be held in Czech.


Monday 9. 5. 2011 at 6pm

ANNE McNEILL: Did Martin Parr change the way British people see themselves ?

The lecture illustrated by work from Impressions Gallery archive will look into the impact and influences colour photography has had on British culture. Anne McNeill has been a Director of Impressions Gallery in Bradford since 2000. Impressions Gallery opened in 1972, as one of the first non profit photography galleries in Europe. Today it is recognised as one of the leading contemporary photography galleries in the UK. Anne McNeill was an Artistic Director of Photo 98, the UK Year of Photography, previously she set up Photoworks, commissioning photography in Europe. In 2008 she curated a retrospective of Anna Fox‘s work, which was nominated for the prestigious Deutsche Borse, European Photography Prize.
The lecture will be held in English.